Introduction Yachtpaint
Lemmer-Yachting is the address in yacht painting and spraying business, thanks to the “all under one roof” formula.

Boats up to 25 meters in length
For painting boats up to 25 meters, Lemmer-Yachting is the right place to be. Spraying, painting or rolling, steel, aluminum, wood or GRP, anything is possible. Tell us your personal preference for one of the paint techniques listed out above here and you will get the best advice!

3 methods
Preparation ultimately determine the quality of the end result, which has to be perfect at Lemmer-Yachting. The preparation consists of: cleaning, dismantling, removing rust, filling and sanding. Then there is a choice of three methods, knowing:

* Bronze Refit
* Silver Refit, and
* Golden Refit

Ask for these different methods, on which you can get up to 3 years of warranty

Stay tuned:
Lemmer-Yachting provides you the possibility to follow your boat during the progress of the work. We frequently will take some pictures of your boat and mail them to you including a brief explanation of the work we have done. This keeps you informed.

We will call you!
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Because, even for yacht-painting at Lemmer-Yachting applies:

“The difference, that’s us!”