Yacht Brokerage


Lemmer-Yachting Yacht Brokerage offers you everything you would expect from a professional yacht broker.

Selling your boat:
If you want to sell your boat, yacht brokerage Lemmer-Yachting provides total “unburdening” of the entire sales process. You only want to sell your boat just as quick and easy as possible. Let us do the job for you, finding the right prospect.

Yacht brokerage Lemmer-Yachting takes care of everything. From the acquaintance  interview, making a professional photo shoot of your boat, the comprehensive presentation of your boat on more than 44 national and international most well-known websites and on many boat shows. We provide all the necessary documents, as well as a perfect delivery of the vessel including a secure payment through our Escrow account.

If after a survey or inspection of the boat shows that there are necessary repairs to be carried out, we can perform these repairs for you on our one-stop-shopping ship yard in the town of Lemmer. Together we can keep the costs under control and you are assured of a perfect handling and above all,….. clarity! You only have one contact person.

Buying a boat:
As a buyer of a boat, you are assured of an excellent purchase counseling, what nationality you may hold. If possible, you will be addressed in your own language. Lemmer-Yachting takes all barriers on your path to the purchase of a boat away. We arrange the viewing and guide you through the entire purchase process, inspection/survey, provide all the necessary documents you will need and a secure payment through our escrow account.

We can also take care of all necessary repairs and adjustments to your new boat. From (engine) maintenance, total refit, ship carpentry (in and exterior) painting and sand blasting to winter storage. Everything in-house, under one roof, and for you, one contact! That creates clarity and certainty. Moreover, because we can handle it all our selves. Because of that, we can work more efficiently and therefore more cheaper for you, without making any quality concessions. With Lemmer-Yachting we put the customer first and agreements are fulfilled.

Our range of boats:
On our website you will find a wide selection of various boats. From spacious family cruisers to luxury megayachts. Or, from Swedish classics to classic Dutch tugboats, from GRP sail boats to Dutch traditional flat-bottom boats. Most ships are moored in the respective home ports. But some in one of our sales ports or showroom. Klick here for our boats

For each ship counts; you can call our broker Wim de Rooij  :  00316 11 884 884 for more details of a boat or making an appointment with him for a visit to a boat or our company. He will call you immediate, if you leave your phone number down below.