Introduction Sandblasting
Lemmer-Yachting, the “one-stop-shopping” ship yard where you can go to for any job. Even for the sand blasting of your boat.

Private sand blasting cabin
Lemmer Yachting offers a private sand blasting cabin. Sand blasting is the most perfect, thoroughly preparation and cleaning  method of your boat, before it gets her new primer and paint coat. Owning a private sand blasting cabin offers a lot of advantages. Your boat can be blasted, prepared and painted under one roof, with minimal maneuvering operations. This efficient method means a huge saving in time and therefore in costs.

Sand blasting a yacht
If rust has been started its devastating process,  without adequate treatment it is almost unstoppable. It is therefore of an utmost importance to clean the metal thoroughly. Sandblasting is the most effective  and relatively inexpensive method to accomplish this. As a result, the surface is thoroughly cleaned and laid the foundation for a long lasting protective coating.

Especially the underwater ship of your steel boat is subject to corrosion. Over time, the protective coating layer is affected  and adequate acting is required in order to prevent rust. By sand blasting, and applying an effective coating system, the surface is treated optimally and thereby protected for many years.

Yacht hull (casco) blasting and conservation
For both, new construction and renovation/refit, it is of the utmost importance that the hull will be sandblasted. Only then you can be sure that no corrosion will occur for long periods. Lemmer Yachting recommends the hull, as well on the outside as on the inside to be treated. Only after sand blasting the hull and protected it with a two component epoxy system, you will have an optimal, long-lasting protection.

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