New built

Yacht building : New Built

You still dream to design and build your own boat?

Lemmer-Yachting make your dreams come true. Lemmer-Yachting has close relations with several yacht designers and naval architects, which help you to design and realize your dream (ship). We offer you the following options:

Option 1: Complete New-Built
After the ship has been designed according to your wishes and ideas (if possible) and virtually exists, the hull can be built according the design instructions after ordering the steel cutting-packets. Building your dream has begun!  In consultation with Lemmer-Yachting, you can help building your own boat.

Together we will “create” your dream. When the work is progressing according plans, finally the technical installations and the propulsion will be assembled and of course, the interior woodwork.

Option 2: You have found a hull/Casco your self.
It may be economically interesting to purchase an existing hull/casco or an existing design from a naval architect.This is obviously much cheaper than having a total own design created and having this built. The existing hull then can be built-off  accordance the procedure, set out in Option 1

This also applies if you have purchased only a design or a cutting package.
Again, you can help built your own boat.

Option 3:” IJlstervlet”
Lemmer Yachting is builder and supplier of the “ IJlstervlet”. For example, the IJlstervlet 11:50 RS, Open-Cockpit. A traditional round bilge hull, made from 6mm steel, heavily built with a lot of use of stainless steel. These boats are built to CE-B specifications, which makes these boats ideal and suitable for open water / coastal waters. Let us inform you about the possibilities of the “IJlstervlet”.