For a carefree enjoyment of your boat, the technical installation of your boat is crucial. However, even the most advanced technical equipment, whether it is the propulsion system, the heating system or the hydraulics it does not matter, it all needs (preventive) maintenance.

Consistently performed preventive maintenance can therefore avoid a lot of aggravation. A service can be combined with the winter storage when your boat is already with us, out of the water. We have all winter to plan the work and to perform it. In the spring, when your boat is back into the water, it will be in perfect condition, good for many hours of carefree sailing pleasure.

Lemmer Yachting can provide almost all kinds of work for you, ranging from the regular engine maintenance to the installation of technical equipment such as: Navigation equipment, all types of heating systems, either Webasto, Ebersprächer or Kabola, bow / stern thrusters, the installation of a waste water tank installation, etc. almost anything is possible.


If your boat is getting a bit older, but you prefer to keep the boat, because the purchase of another vessel is not within your capabilities, then a refit can be a very good and affordable alternative. In consultation with you, we can carry out a comprehensive technical inspection of your boat. Based on the results of this research, we can make a roadmap with matching quotes, in which we offer you the possibility to perform some work by yourself, such as sanding, which is a very labour-intensive job and therefor very interesting for doing it by yourself. The end result is, that you have a virtually new boat  which you can enjoy for many years to come. And all that for a fair price!


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