Winterstorage Lemmer 2019-2020

A boat is a precious but fragile possession, which deserves special attention for the winter months. Again, you have come to the right place for Winter Storage at Lemmer Yachting.

For storing your boat, Lemmer Yachting has well protected outdoor areas and buildings. In our modern equipped halls and enclosed outdoor areas your boat can be parked at attractive rates throughout the winter period. The total winter storage includes  4,000 m2, distributed in unheated and heated winter storage halls and a fenced outdoor area. Smaller boats, like tenders, sport(ski)boats, sloops etc, are stored 2 stories high in one of our special equipped halls.

In consultation with Lemmer Yachting, you can perform minor maintenance on your boat during the winter storage. Larger do-it yourself jobs can be performed too. Therefore you can hire a place in a special hobby hall. In case of any technical problems on board or advice concerning maintenance of your boat, we can support you. Of course you can also have this work carried out for maximum safety and quality by our staff.

Lemmer Yachting is an extremely flexible company, where our schedule as much as possible fits your schedule. You can schedule the date on which you would like to bring your boat for winter storage and when you would pick it up in spring through our customer-friendly computer system. You bring and pick up your ship in Marina Iselmar in Lemmer, where Lemmer-Yachting owns a specially reserved berth.

With our modern tractor and heavy hydraulic boat trailer, your boat will be lifted out of the water, thoroughly rinsed and then drove to our yard, where your boat securely and safely will be installed  on special supports on a fixed pitch in a box, in one of our halls or outdoor areas.

Please check our :  Online calculation for the winter of 2019-2020

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